Puns and Rhymes is a curated online library for children’s books. The member parents and kids select books from this collection for home delivery on a weekly basis. We currently service the following areas in Bengaluru – Sarjapur Main Road, HSR, Harlur, Kormangala, and Marathahalli.

Access to the library is currently limited by referral and invitation. If you are interested in exploring a monthly subscription for your child, please reach out to admin@punsandrhymes.com

There is no doubt that the future generation is going to live and breathe around digital tool-kits. This initiative is an attempt to restore some balance as we steamroll into that future.

There is ample research-based evidence that suggests that print books are better than digital for children. Besides, the very form factor of a tablet makes it harder for parents and children to engage in the rich back-and-forth turn-taking that happens in print books. For busy parents looking for high-quality print content, this platform facilitates book reading as a joint activity with our kids to spark connections in a way digital cannot.

As conscious consumers, we encourage sharing and reuse of books within the community. It’s a small but meaningful step to introduce our kids to the concept of sustainability and responsible consumerism.

Children’s literature is vast and evolving. Currently, we house books that are suited for children from 4 to 8 years of age in the category of fiction, science, history and personalities, community and festivals, bedtime, and poetry. Books are curated based on the age-appropriateness of the content, quality of language, grammar and various sensitivities introduced through the stories.

The idea is to provide a collection of some of the best children’s books with a wide range of topics, written by reputed authors, storytellers, hence providing a trusted environment for the parents and kids to choose their books from. Ultimately it is all about the fun of reading, developing children’s imagination, broadening their horizons and help discover their passions!

Here’s a sample of the books hosted on the portal:

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